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Women’s Protein Powder, 100% Australia Owned

When it comes to workouts goals, males and females have major differences in what they want to achieve. This is why it is important to choose workout supplements that complement your workout goals to achieve the best possible result for your body. Here in Australia, there are plenty of protein powders available, but few actually focus on female health and fitness goals. Even fewer are local brands catering to Australian women.

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Our Women’s Protein Powder For Best Performance

Maxine’s Burn is the protein powder for active females leading busy lifestyles. Regardless of whether you enjoy doing cardio or weight training exercises, Burn is designed to help you maintain lean muscle mass while boosting your metabolism. This protein powder formula is made to help women like you achieve your best selves.

Complement your active lifestyle with Maxine’s Night. Created to increase muscle recovery while you rest for the night, our slow-release protein formula makes sure your body achieves maximum recovery and is ready for another day packed full of activities. It is the perfect option after dinner, with the addition of calming herbs to encourage a good night’s rest.

Plant Protein Powder For Females, Formulated In Australia

With many people choosing to opt for meatless options in their regular meals, it is only natural for Maxine’s to create a women’s protein powder to support their personal choices. Our Plant Protein is created as a substitute to our regular line of protein powders. Made with organic pea and brown rice protein of the highest grade possible, you know you are fuelling your body with one of the best plant-based alternatives in the Australian market.

Shop the right protein powder for your health and fitness goals at Maxine’s. Browse our range of supplements to help you achieve lean toned physique, maximise your workout performance, focus on melting stubborn fats and curb your sweet cravings. Add your favourites to your cart today.

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