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Ageless advice

I am a huge lover of skincare and always on the hunt to find ways I can look more naturally beautiful. After finding myself on online skin care forums I’m grown to be a little obsessed with the concept of anti-aging. It’s something someone my age is guilty for neglecting or not taking seriously, however, I’ve been implementing these habits daily and am seeing an improvement in the quality of my glow up. I MUST age gracefully and here’s how we can achieve this. Daily pamper sessions: I understand that what we put into our bodies is a clear representation of what it reflects and puts out. But the effects of a consistent skin care regimen with some quality products undeniably delays the ageing process. I’m not saying collect an array of prestigious products and spend $2,000+ on the legendary La Mere moisturiser deluxe size by no means. Having a regular cleanse, tone, serum, oil, moisturise and an SPF can work wonders in elevating your complexion and prevent free-radical damage. I use mostly skin’s greens detoxifying line- an affordable brand you can buy almost anywhere. Lush and Kiehl’s are also some great brands that have kept my face plump and subtle. I want to emphasize the importance of oils and serums for replenishing the nutrients and fighting environmental damage done to our skin. (Remember: USE SPF EVERYDAY REGULARLY! Did you know that the number one contributor to skin damage and drying is sun exposure? Even when it’s not summer, even if they sun is beaming through a window, even if its cloudy - every hour in the sun unprotected is raging you!) A youthful glow never tasted so good: The number one! Nail a wholesome, balanced diet! Giving you enough over all calories, macro and micro-nutrients, treats here and there alongside adequate hydration will heal and nourish your skin from the inside out. Underrating calories, fats (so important, fatty acids and omega 3’s are a must) or neglecting your cravings causes your body to raise cortisol (Stress hormone) and cause your hormones to shake up and deplete your skin of the nutrients it has, in order to compromise leaving you look dull, lifeless, dry, with spots and even a high exposure to wrinkles. Foods that are particularly great for promoting skin health are foods like oatmeal, avocado, majority of the variety of beans, other starches and your fruits and vegetables. I myself tend to eat 2 avocados a day, heaps of oatmeal and beans regularly and I never go a day without a compliment on my glow. I’ve also noticed my skin being able to flush out any odd pimples very efficiently, it is feeling extra plump and the tone very consistent. Never miss out on your beauty sleep: Stress wreaks HAVOC on our skin and one of the number one causes of high cortisol, lack of recovery time, hormone disruption and putting your body in a high stress zone is sleep deprivation and an in-consistent schedule. Did you also know that the hours spent sleeping after midnight are less effective than the ones before midnight? Yeah, sleep isn't something a Sunday morning in bed can make up for. You need to get your circadian rhythm consistent and healthy not only to avoid ageing (as much as possible) but also for your all round health from weight management, energy levels, mood, hormonal and reproductive health, digestion, muscles and joint recovery etc. Don’t get too messy: Cigarettes, I have absolutely no problem avoiding but alcohol is something most of us adults can’t cut out altogether. And if you enjoy a few drinks on the weekend with your girls or one on Friday night to unwind after a stressful work week - that’s okay, everything in balance. However, excess consumption of these things can age you with every inhale or extra glass of wine. Alcohol can unfortunately age you by causing wrinkles, de-hydration, elasticity, collagen production if consumed too frequently but when consumed responsibly and reasonably it can actually pose health benefits - so take that with a grain of salt. Smoking however is a lot more unforgiving and effects your blood vessels interfering with oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body and your organs. It’s the nicotine that reduces blood flow and the carbon monoxide that displaces the oxygen form your skin and depletes vitamin C (responsible for protecting and repairing your skin from damage). Embrace your natural glow up: ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! Yes, even if you come home late at night and just cannot be bothered spending those few minutes at the bathroom sink cleansing (you’ll feel so much better for doing so) you must see the importance. Also, avoid wearing makeup if you can - I only tend to wear it once a month. Trust me, as a girl who used to wear a full face daily I understand how difficult this can be, but this has really boosted my confidence and skin quality. Wearing makeup can speed up the ageing process the same way environmental pollutants can but in a much higher concentration and deeper penetration into the collagen and elastin in our skin that keeps it resilient and plump. Therefore, it’s important to use clean brushes and more mineral makeup if possible since those products have less chemicals and therefore will pollute your skin and clog your pores less harshly. There’s no one product, no one diet, no one daily routine or abstinence from anything that will delay the ageing process but if all used together in harmony you’ll be able to preserve your youth or delay other signs of ageing in the process. Remember this isn't about haunting ageing but aging gracefully. Not only will your skin thank you for implementing these habits but your health, lifestyle, productivity levels will improve too. From my experience you look your best when you’re able to manage health in all departments.
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