5 Lunches Under 300 Calories

5 Lunches Under 300 Calories

Lunch can be that stubborn meal of the day where you’re either hesitant of what to eat or are afraid you’ll eat too much. The easiest thing to do is to prep ahead of time so you know exactly how many calories you’re eating along with the other important macronutrients like protein, carbs and fat. If you’re still unsure what a low-calorie lunch should look like, check out these five easy lunches that are each under 300 calories. You’ll definitely see that eating within calorie restrictions actually isn’t all that restrictive. You still get a lot of delicious food that works with your body instead of against it.

Skinny Taco Stuffed Peppers:

You lessen the calories and carbs just by eliminating the shell for this delicious lunch. The pepper is your bowl stuffed with lean ground turkey, taco seasoning and salsa. You can even add some of your favourite taco toppers and still not worry about the calorie count. CLICK HERE to get the recipe!

Skinny Quiche:

One serving of this delicious quiche is so low in calories, you can easily have a second helping without a problem. The reason? It’s crustless. Egg whites and low-fat cottage cheese ensure you’re getting enough protein while the broccoli gives you a portion of greens. You may even decide to eat this for your next breakfast—if you can wait that long! CLICK HERE to get the recipe.

Tandoori Chicken and Spinach Salad:

Unlike many salads that still leave you hungry, this one is sure to fill you up without filling you out. It’s got all the Tandoori seasonings like cumin, ginger and paprika as well as one of the best greens around—spinach. The chicken is the protein, and goes perfectly alongside cucumber, artichoke hearts and peppers. A little couscous thrown into the mix and this is one tremendous salad. CLICK HERE to be taken to the recipe.

Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad:

This salad has just about everything—the sweet, the savory and the meat. From strawberries and oranges to lettuce and carrots (and don’t forget the chicken), there is nothing that comes close to this lunch salad that has everything you could possibly want including great taste. CLICK HERE for more details.

Mini Caprese Pizzas:

Mini pizzas make the perfect lunch because they’re the perfect size and low in calories. This recipe uses fresh ingredients including spinach, mozzarella and basil all on top of a multigrain English muffin with tomatoes. You will have nothing to feel guilty about when you eat this pizza. See how they’re made here.
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