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Protein Powder


All Natural Vegan Protein

Maxine’s PURE combines two of nature’s best plant proteins - Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein Isolate - with ancient grains and natural fat burning plant extracts to create a quality fat burning vegan protein powder. This natural protein blend provides a highly nutritious protein profi...


Thermogenic Protein

Maxine’s BURN Protein is a high protein fat burning formula designed to help women look and feel great. Whether you have a busy lifestyle, enjoy being active, are health-conscious or looking to get into shape, Maxine’s BURN is the ideal formula to help you achieve your goals. Low in carbohydrate...


Thermogenic Night Time Protein for Women

Maxine’s NIGHTtime Protein combines slow release proteins and a thermogenic fat burning complex of raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract and African mango fruit extract, to burn stubborn fat cells while you sleep. Calming herbs have been added to ensure you wake well rest...

Performance Series


Advanced Fat Burning Creatine Booster

Maxine’s Creatine is a high potency Creatine Blend and with added LipoPhase® Fat Burners to maximize your energy levels while helping your get lean and toned. Creatine is a highly researched and safe nutrient that boosts your strength and power so you can train harder for longer and achieve outst...


Advanced Fat Burning Recovery Accelerator

Maxine’s Recover is a high potency recovery and fat burning formulation to help boost recovery between workouts while stimulating maximum fat burning (thermogenesis) all day....

Skinny Pills

Thermogenic Fat Burner and Energy Extender

Maxine’s Skinny Pills is an advanced thermogenic fat burning product that works to ignite key fat burning hormones, target and break down stored body fat, suppress cravings, increase focus and clarity, and supply lasting crash-free energy to keep your metabolism and energy levels strong all day lo...

Protein Snacks


High Protein Fat Burning Snack

Maxine’s BURN bars are the ideal high protein snack for active women. They are low in fat and carbohydrates, and have a unique thermogenic protein blend and contain powerful carb blockers and fat burners to really ignite your metabolism. They are a delicious guilt-free treat perfect for all wo...

BURN Cookie

High Protein Fat Burning Cookie

Maxine’s BURN Cookies are high in protein yet low in carbohydrate and fat, and have a unique thermogenic formula that help you burn fat. The high quality protein blend helps you feel fuller for longer, and combined with carb blocking and fat burning ingredients it makes for the ultimate fat stripp...