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Wednesday 19 April, 2017      in Strength Training      with 3 comments

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Hi! Welcome to the Maxine’s Forum! This is our first post to get things started.

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  1. Could I please ask the ingredients extracted from brown rice about the Maxine’s vegan protein powder? Did that mean it would contain more carbs than the normal one? And also, could you please advice whether it contains isoflavones, which is better for ladies? My doctor advised me to have less dairy products due to my hormone imbalance results in PCOS. Much appreciated for your reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Iris,

      Thanks for your question,
      The Protein in the rice is contained in the outer husk which is used in the Maxine’s PURE, the inner part of the rice is not used, this part is the Carbohydrate and is discarded as part of the extraction process.
      It does have some Carbs, but is very low at 1.2g.
      It also has some naturally occurring isoflavones.
      We are happy to send you a sample of the Maxine’s PURE if you would like to email us your postal address at challenge@aminoactive.com.au

      Hope that helps,

      Team Maxines’s