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Six Workouts To SUPERCHARGE Your Brain

Everyone wants to get the perfect beach body by toning up and staying in shape. So for many, losing weight and building strength is the end goal. But how often do you think about building your brain? The thing is, most people have not even begun to consider what an impact exercise can have on the brain and how it can boost brain power. Several studies and researchers have found that a single exercise session can enhance cognitive function and improve overall mental focus compared to a cup of coffee. A study carried out on teenagers found that anywhere from ten to forty minutes of exercise can give an immediate boost to brain power and can increase concentration levels due to increased blood flow to the brain (1). The following exercises can help you boost your brain power; A morning run (2) Mornings are the best time to work out as you are giving yourself time to wake up, and the endorphins your brain releases ensure that you have the best start to your day. To get the most out of your morning exercise, follow a training schedule, wear appropriate running clothes, and consume proper nutrition before running. Running can increase the density and size of brain capillaries and can help enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain. Pumping fresh blood into the brain also supports the survival of brain neurons, which in turn improves brain power. Some researchers claim that morning runs can improve the memory of individuals. Walking (2) For those who may have difficulty in running, walking can be done daily or weekly. Walking allows the brain to better react to challenges and can enable brain repair. As well, walking boosts the learning of motor skills and can reduce stress levels, thereby enhancing the energy of the mind. Yoga (2) Yoga can be done indoors or outdoors and is best practised in an open area using a mat. Yoga poses such as Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana aim to increase memory power and can also increase blood flow to the brain. Studies have found that only 20 minutes of yoga a day can be more effective than aerobic exercises. Yoga is also thought to prevent the shrinkage of the brain, which can hinder memory. Tai Chi (1) Typically thought of as a gentle exercise, tai chi is also known as a form of 'meditation in motion'. It works by influencing brain activity and is an excellent stress reliever. Numerous studies have found that tai chi can increase the size of the brain and enhance an individual's memory and thinking. Regular practice of tai chi can improve cognitive abilities and even enlarge the brain significantly. Jump Rope Exercises (2) Skipping is a highly underrated exercise; however, it actually is surprisingly beneficial in stimulating the brain and improving overall body movement. Jump rope exercises require a higher level of coordination than most exercises, therefore improving concentration and attention levels and enhancing memory retention. You can combine jump roping exercise with sprinting – this can improve creativity and prevent the brain from being static. Breathing exercises (1) Breath-holding exercises have shown promise in helping individuals progress through stressful situations. Breathing exercises allow individuals to exert good control over situations and have full control over their mental reserves. Just like meditation, breathing exercises are done by relaxing, inhaling and exhaling slowly. This should be repeated long enough until your mind feels significantly stimulated and the frequency of electrical impulses give an energy rush to the brain. Each of these exercises can be further enhanced in terms of increasing brain power, if you incorporate other activities such as music, eating well, sleeping well and meditating often (1). Time to get your head around a challenge? The challenge is on! Sign up today to be part of the Maxine's Challenge! 1. 2.
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