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Homemade Natural Face Mask Recipes.

I am a skincare FANATIC! I believe nothing is more beautiful than a youthful glow that is completely natural and without a spec of makeup. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is constantly exposed to bacteria growth, weather damage, irritation and infection. It’s important we take care of it to pro-long it’s lifespan. I am also a firm believer in natural skincare, our skin is so sensitive and harsh chemicals can dehydrate it and cause reactions that, when consistent can become more difficult to heal. I love treating myself to fresh face masks about once a week, especially the ones from Lush. I’ve put together three homemade, natural and vegan mask recipes you can try out at home to give yourself and your skin a little boost. Hydrating: Ingredients: Oatmeal and Soy yoghurt This one’s super simple, just blend together soy yoghurt and plain rolled oats. The proteins found in the oats helps with regeneration and the fats found in the soy yoghurt moisturize and nourish the skin. The lactic acid found in the yoghurt is also a natural exfoliant and can’t whip dead skin cells away. For more exfoliation add more oats and for more moisture add more yoghurt. Repair: Ingredients: Avocado and lemon juice Avocado is full of omega 3 and essential fatty acids. These are great to repair any damage don’t to the skin from harsh weather conditions, acne scaring and dark spots. Also, the acidity of the lemon juice will brighten and refresh the skin whilst fighting any acne. Glow (contains honey): Ingredients: Honey, turmeric, coconut oil. This mask will have you looking like a glowing goddess as it contains turmeric. Turmeric not only allows for a warm glow but it also is anti-inflammatory so can help reduce puffiness and breakouts. The coconut oil will be a great base to allow for moisture, softness and easy application. The honey can break down dead skin cells, neutralises free radicals and balances the microbiome on the skin. Give these a go! It’s fun to play professor and find some affordable, natural and healthy skin solutions to help with any issues. It’s amazing how mother nature can not only fight disease but fight skin ageing and inflammations.
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