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Unique Soul Expression

Unique Soul Expression


We are born as a soul being and this is our true and natural unique expression. As we journey through life we accumulate mental, emotional and spiritual toxins – layers of illusion that cover up our true and natural soul expression. We can return to our true and natural soul state by shedding the layers of illusion and density we have accumulated. To do this takes a strong will to courageously face our denser self with persistence and patience.

As we are liberating ourselves from the layers of illusion and density and filling this space with the lightness of Self-Love our souls true path and calling begin to re-emerge. Our unique calling is exactly why we are here and within this calling is our unique bliss. My unique bliss is certainly not the same as anyone else’s, nor is theirs the same as mine or any other individuals, sometimes similar however never exactly the same.

Our calling is what we love and we do this because it brings us so much joy. The more we do the better we get at it and the more joy we experience from the higher level of skills we are cultivating and refining. There is no longer striving as the process of doing has become part of our natural being. In being this we experience bliss without limits – Infinite Bliss!

If you’re not sure what your calling is I invite you to ponder this question – “If no one else existed on this planet what would I be doing each day for enjoyment”.

I want to share with you how I discovered Ixcacao, more so how she found me.

The Spirit of Cacao, Ixcacao, found me in my travels in October 2015 not long after my arrival in Lima, Peru, whilst journeying on a second trip into the mystical realms of the Amazon’s Shamans and Curanderos. Around 3am that morning, still adjusting from the effects of jet lag, I decided to do some Yoga to pass time before breakfast and my forthcoming departure to Pucallpa, the doorstep of the Amazon Rainforest.

Serendipitously I’d purchased some ceremonial grade Cacao the previous day, and due to the circumstances this was the only source of food/energy available in my hotel room. I took a few bitter bites of the raw Cacao then proceeded to immerse into my Yoga practice. The following experience could only be described as, ‘Beyond Blissful’ and I didn’t want it to end. Whilst meditating after this surprisingly delectable union of Cacao and Yoga it became increasingly clear that I needed to share this unique combination’s rapturous energy and ethereal experience.

I spent the following two weeks deep in the Peruvian Amazon participating in sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonies as part of a powerful medicinal plant Dieta and Vipassana. This incredibly profound experience triggered a deep awakening of my divine and true soul self. During the course of the retreat prodigious insights were received on how to share and facilitate transformation within myself and others by incorporating the use of sacred plants and traditional wisdom in order to impart that ancient knowledge forward for all whom wish to further their understanding of themselves and the natural World in which we live.

I was so very excited to return to Australia to share all of these discoveries and create a welcoming, nurturing and loving space in order to facilitate the wonderful alchemy that is Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Ceremonial Cacao.

I invite you to remember that you are one of a kind and you in your uniqueness are all that’s required here on earth. No one else can be the unique soul being that you are. Your unique soul expression is exactly why you are here.

We are all equal, unique and wonderful expressions of life with a unique offering. Every single one of us, an equal and unique piece of the same big puzzle (the collective consciousness).

Infinite love, bliss and Namaste!



Kate Alderman

Kate Alderman
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