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So you’re craving meat?

So you’re craving meat?

All veg-heads have been there, finding themselves occasionally missing the texture and taste of a once beloved steak. We tend to feel incredibly guilty for this desire and use it as an excuse to question our new lifestyle. Well, this pull towards your old ways is completely normal and actually arises due to a few reasons. The good news is, it’s totally preventable and a great opportunity to dive deeper into your lifestyle and educate yourself further on the physiology of your beaming body. The best form of destruction is prevention. Here’s 5 reasons why you could potentially be 100 meters away from the Bunnings BBQ, only journeying closer and also how to address them.


Energy/Nutrient Deficiency

Our bodies are like encyclopedias, everything we consume is scripted as its nutrient breakdown achieved for future reference. This means that your body remembers the nutritional breakdown of the animal products you once-upon a time enjoyed. It remembers the they were very dense in calories, proteins, fats and iron. So, whenever we may be underrating any of these nutrients (or underrating in general) our bodies whip out the past information it stored and sends us signals craving animal products to obtain what they’re dense in. This is a survival mechanism. How do we avoid this? Well, take a good look at your current plant-based intake and see what you’re lacking in and introduce more foods rich in that certain need. Are you eating less than 2,000 calories a day (female)/ 2,500 (male)? then you need to eat more calories! Maybe you need to eat more iron rich foods or fatty foods to supply your body with what its lacking in. The human body is a smart thing and that’s how we’ve managed to develop into the species we are today – listen to your intuition.


Diving too Deep, too Fast.

Maybe you’ve bitten off a lot more kale than you can chew here (metaphorically and realistically speaking). It’s incredibly easy to dive too deep in to veganism too quickly, you’ve found this new passion which has you running hundreds of miles a minute towards spreading the message and quite frankly, your body is finding it difficult to keep up. Yes, some people can transition overnight but for the majority, it’s not realistic and that’s okay – doesn’t make you any less morale. You just may need to slow down on the green smoothies and take things at your own pace. This is a great excuse to go out and try all the amazing plant-based mock meats and diary substitutes out there. Ditch the nice cream tonight and go up to 7/11 and get yourself a pint of vegan Ben and Jerry’s (yes, they stock them now – total shocker). Remind yourself of how Normal veganism can be and should be, if you wish to stay consistent.


Find Some Substitutes.

Much like we discussed before you may be craving meat because well, you simply may just love the taste and texture. I mean, it’s hard not to when they season the hell out of it and cook it in edible fashions. It’s the twenty-first century, we have meat substitutes that taste the exact same and if not better than what you used to indulge in. Hey, pulled jackfruit is a thing for you whole-foodies too! So, start incorporating those substitutes when you have the savory super craving. Craving McDonald’s? You don’t need to settle for a veggie burger, Lord of the Fries does vegan fast food, ranging from loaded fries, Cheeseburgers, fish burgers and even a Big Mac! they’re located all throughout Australia.


All the Wrong Reasons.

Veganism is a lifestyle in all senses of the word. It’s multifaceted and improves all areas of this world, the animals, the environment and us. However, some see veganism as a quick fix, weight loss plan or another means of restriction and control in their lives. Although this can stream into different avenues it’s also important to note that it’s so much more likely for you to stay inconsistent if you don’t see veganism this way. Why? Well you simply see it as a give and take and therefore a hassle or potential inconvenience if things don’t go to plan. When it’s all about abundance. I say, further educate yourself on all the other benefits of veganism – even if your disinterested at first. This can ignite a passion for you making your integrity as a vegan bulletproof.


Potential Hormonal Imbalances.

Something that all animal products have in common is their critically high levels of foreign hormones that mess with our natural ones and their rhythms. Now this hormonal overload does us no good – unfortunately in today’s society it’s become normal and we’re used to it. When we change to a plant-based diet and our hormonal levels readjust its common to crave animal products – especially if we’re subconsciously making the mistake of nor eating enough nutrition. This will go away with time, consistency and adequate nutrition on a vegan diet so don’t fret. Make sure your new diet is balanced in carbs, proteins, fats, greens and treats! Stress is the worst thing you can perpetuate right now, it’ll only cause a chaotic rave party for your hormones. If you’re particularly worried about your hormonal levels great foods to include are black strap molasses, Macca powder, healthy fats, soy products and fermented foods.


I hope you found some answers here. Remember not to feel ashamed for slipping up or feeling drawn to old foods. Its normal and veganism isn’t about being perfect it’s about doing your best given your circumstances to help save the planet in all its entirety.




Alix Laidler

Alix Laidler
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