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Supplement FAQS for Women

Supplement FAQS for Women

You asked, we listened. Here are the most popular questions on taking sports and nutritional supplements for women. Enjoy.

Q. What is the purpose of a protein powder?

Protein is essential for tissue growth and repair in the body, which is most important after exercise and weight training. Weight training in particular creates many tiny micro tears in our muscles. Protein helps them to repair and grow back stronger – think of scar tissue. Whey protein also helps strengthen the immune system and protect against heart disease and stroke.

Q. How will protein powder help me when dieting?

Compared to carbohydrates, protein takes longer for the body to break down and digest. This slow digestion time means you’ll stay fuller for longer and keep hunger at bay, making it easier to resist temptation and consuming excess calories. Protein has the highest thermic effect of food (TEF), which is the amount of calories it takes your body to process and utilize a nutrient (being 20-35%). This means that out of every 100 calories you get from protein, 25-30 are burned in the digestion process. Since your body expends more energy to process proteins than it does to digest carbohydrates and fats, women who consume more protein throughout the day might see faster fat-loss results than people on a lower-protein diet plan. So taking 1-2 serves of Maxine’s BURN will help ensure your protein requirements are met each day.

Q. Will protein cause me to gain weight or build excessive muscle mass?

No. Testosterone is the hormone that is necessary for muscle growth, and women simply do not have the same levels that men do. Therefore, it is actually not easy for women to build muscle mass, and takes quality and consistent training and diet over a period of time to achieve this. Maxine’s BURN, or whey protein in general, does not contain testosterone and does not have the same effect that testosterone does. 

Q. Does it vegan protein taste different to whey protein?

Yes, vegan proteins naturally have a different taste and texture – they are slightly more ‘earthy’ and not as smooth. However we have tried to make it as pleasant tasting as possible, but if you have never tried a vegan protein powder before expect it to be somewhat different.

Q. Can I take protein supplements if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We always recommend consulting with a health care professional whilst pregnant or lactating prior to taking Maxine’s PURE (or any Maxine’s BURN products), due to the added fat burning ingredients. It’s also important that your individual health needs are considered.

Q. Will the caffeine in protein powders keep me awake at night?

The caffeine levels in Maxine’s NIGHTtime would be between 15-20mg per 25g serve. The recommended daily intake of caffeine is up to 400mg. So the product alone should not keep you awake at night, and the calming herbs should actually help you sleep. If you find you do have trouble sleeping perhaps evaluate what other caffeine or stimulants you are consuming during the day.

Q. Why do we need protein while we sleep?

After hard weight training, science shows that most muscle repair and growth (up to 60%) occurs while you sleep. However growth can only occur if your muscles can get enough protein right throughout your sleep cycle. Fast release proteins (such as Maxine’s BURN or PURE) don’t stay in your system long enough to provide your body the necessary amounts, so NIGHTtime provides a steady and consistent supply.

Q. Will protein powder cause me to gain weight?

No. In addition to the added fat burning ingredients, Maxine’s NIGHTtime helps promote muscle repair and growth. The more lean muscle you have, the better your metabolism and the more calories your body burns during the day. So it can actually help increase your fat burning capabilities rather than cause weight gain.

Q. Is Creatine safe for women?

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements out there. In the hundreds of studies done on the safety of creatine, none have ever shown it poses any type of health risk. Not only is it considered safe to take, your own body actually produces it, and you probably consume it in your diet without even knowing it. Eat meat or fish? Then you’re consuming creatine. Therefore, a properly dosed creatine supplement is perfectly safe for women.

Q. How does Creatine work?

Creatine stored in muscle cells helps produce the available energy supply (ATP) for muscle contraction. It allows you to keep pushing hard in the gym at a time when you would have previously had to decrease the load or stop entirely. Increased workout intensity means you will achieve a higher level of muscle mass, so this helps in terms of building muscle faster.

Q. Are there any side effects from creatine?

Many women fear Creatine will cause weight gain and/or water retention. Creatine works much differently in women than in men. Women can get all the muscle building benefits without adding body fat. Creatine also does not come with any medical or dietary implications. It doesn’t spike insulin like carbohydrates do and doesn’t cause any kind of hormonal reaction.

Q. Is Creatine only for women who want to gain serious muscle mass or strength?

Adding serious, long-lasting mass comes from eating a lot and lifting heavy weights religiously, and it takes a lot more work than just supplementing with creatine. In addition, women have significantly lower levels of testosterone, the hormone most responsible for muscle growth, than men do, making it extremely difficult to put on a large amount of muscle mass. So Creatine alone will not cause you to bulk up. But it might help you have better workouts overall. So regardless of your goals—improving strength and power, increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, or just getting better at the physical activities you love—the ability to train harder and with more energy will help you achieve them.

Q. What are BCAA’s?

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are the ‘building blocks’ of the body. They are well researched and have been shown to help with muscle repair after exercise, which mean quicker recovery so you can train harder and more often.

Q. How do BCAA’s help if I am dieting?

BCAA’s help when dieting by reducing the rate of protein breakdown. As you get leaner your body tries harder to hold onto body fat stores and breaks down protein stored in muscles for energy. Reduced lean muscle mass results in a slower metabolism and less calories burned throughout the day.

Q. Are there any side effects?

We consume amino acids every day with the protein and nutritious food that we eat and the BCAA’s in Recover are of the same chemical design.

Q. Can Recover be taken with other supplements?

Yes, essential amino acids supplements are stable and will be just as effective if they are taken in conjunction with other supplements, food or protein shakes. Use Recover in conjunction with Maxine’s Creatine and Maxine’s BURN for exceptional results.

Q. Can I use protein as a complete meal replacement?

While we suggest replacing 1-2 meals per day with a BURN shake to help burn body fat, it is not recommended that you replace all your meals with shakes. It is important to use Maxine’s BURN in conjunction with a nutritious diet and consume real and wholesome foods consisting of fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, lean proteins and healthy fats. For a natural, all vegan natural protein try Maxine’s PURE.


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