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Shape Up in 6 Weeks

Getting in great shape is not something you can’t do in a few weeks. In fact getting in great shape and staying that way is more about adopting positive lifestyle changes rather than going on a diet or joining a gym. Having said that, you need to start somewhere. Maxine’s offers a few great options that can help you get into great shape and stay that way.

Maxine’s 6 Week Shape-Up is an easy to follow program that will start you on the right track. You can expect to lose about 4 – 5 kilos of fat over a 6 week period. We recommend you combine this program with a good exercise program and you should see great results. This document gives you everything you need to get going on your 6 Week Shape-Up.

The Maxine’s Challenge is Australia’s most effective 12 Week Body Transformation Program that has helped many thousands of Australian women transform their bodies and their lives. Many, many of the results our Challengers achieve are simply outstanding! The Challenge runs twice per year and starts around March and August.


The Maxine’s Challenge provides:

  • A complete nutrition and exercise program customised to your specific needs.
  • A comprehensive support network of qualified coaches and Challenge Ambassadors that are available online, around the clock.
  • An on-line journal to record your progress.
  • Fantastic prizes and product sponsorships.
  • Plus lots more! If you haven’t heard about our Maxine’s Challenge yet then it’s really worth considering.

For more information visit

Getting Started

The first step – choose a day to get started and go for it! It’s usually best to start any diet and exercise program when you can stay on it with minimum temptations and distractions.

Before starting it’s worth taking some measurement to monitor your results. Take some before photos of yourself in your underwear or tight fitting gym gear. Measure your weight and take your body measurements including waist, hips, bust, upper arms and upper thigh. Write down or record these measurements. Keep monitoring your weight every few days to ensure you are heading in the right direction. Weigh yourself at the same time every day, first thing each morning is a good time. At the end of your 6 weeks repeat these measurements and record them.

When starting this 6 week program you have two options:

Option 1 – ‘Kick Start’ with 7 Day Rapid Shape-Up Plan
To really help you start your 6 week program with a ‘bang’ you can follow the Maxine’s BURN “7 Day Rapid Shape-Up Plan” during your first week, simply download this plan from the Nutrition page of this website. Then in week 2, cut over to the “6 Week Shape-Up” program described here for the remaining 5 weeks. This approach will really get you losing weight quickly, but it is a hard first week. If you are happy to start hard, then this is for you. If you would rather ease into your program a little easier, go to option 2 below.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
7 Day Rapid Shape-Up Plan 6 Week Program 6 Week Program


Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
6 Week Program 6 Week Program 6 Week Program


Option 2 – “6 Week Shape-Up” Program

If you prefer to ease into your transformation a little more easily, simply follow the program described here for the full 6 weeks. Your eating plan for this 6 weeks will include two Maxine’s BURN Protein Shakes per day along with 2 – 3 healthy snacks and one balanced healthy meal.

7:00am 10:30am 1:00pm
Maxine’s BURN Protein Shake Healthy Snack Maxine’s BURN Protein Shake


4:00pm 7:00pm 10:00pm
Healthy Snack Balanced Meal Healthy Snack (optional)


Why 5-6 meals per day?

Many people who are trying to lose weight and BURN Fat make the mistake of starving themselves. When you do this, your body thinks there must be a food shortage and responds by going into ‘starvation mode’. Your metabolism slows right down, you become lethargic and you actually use a lot less energy. The result is Fat BURN almost ceases.

However science tells us that eating smaller meals more often actually speeds up your metabolism and helps you BURN more fat. Because you are eating regularly you are less likely to feel hungry, you will also have more energy and most people feel great on this type of eating plan. So make sure you stick to your 5 – 6 meals per day plan, even if you don’t feel hungry. The idea here is to eat the same amount of kilojoules over 5 – 6 smaller meals rather than 2 or 3 bigger ones.



Your Balanced Daily Meal

Along with your Maxine’s BURN Protein Shakes and Healthy Snacks, you will be eating 1 healthy balanced meal each day during this 6 week program. These meals are virtually the same as the meals you may have read in the “7 Day Rapid Shape-Up Plan”.

To recap, in each meal you will be eating a healthy protein portion accompanied by a selection of fresh, non-starchy vegetables. Examples include:

  • Grilled chicken breast with stir fried garlic, broccoli, snow peas, red capsicum, onion, carrots and baby corn. Season with black pepper, soy sauce and ginger.
  • Baked fish fillet (bake in lemon juice, white wine, oregano, cracked pepper & dash of olive oil) with fresh garden salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, and avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
  • BBQ’d lean beef fillet with steamed seasonal vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, carrot, string beans, etc.) Spice up with various condiments like mustard or horseradish.
  • 2 – 3 egg omelette with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach.


Protein Food Guidelines

Protein is normally associated with animal sources like steak, chicken and eggs however proteins occurs naturally in many foods including vegetables, rice and pasta. The quality of protein is measured in a number of ways, but basically it is a gauge of how well we humans use it to repair and grow tissues in our bodies such as muscle, skin, hair and nails.

Animal sources generally rate higher than vegetable sources. Incidentally, pure whey protein, the main constituent of Maxine’s BURN, has the highest rating of any Protein available.

Most animal protein like meat, eggs and even fish generally contain some fats, so it is important not to over indulge in these foods. For females an uncooked serving size of about 100 – 150g is recommended. This will vary a little based on your size and metabolism. As a general rule, each portion should be about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.


Vegetable Guidelines

The general rules for choosing vegetables are to select the fibrous and leafy vegetables like broccoli, celery, spinach and capsicum, but reduce or avoid the starchy vegetable like potatoes, pumpkin and peas. This is because these starchy vegetables contain relatively high levels of carbohydrates, which is what you are trying to reduce.

There is still a huge selection of vegetables to choose from, so with a little imagination and some good recipes, you can make delicious and nourishing range of vegetable dishes to accompany your protein serve. Just ensure the choices you make don’t include starchy vegetables. If you don’t know, it’s best to avoid the vegetable until you can find out.

Raw vegetables in salads are probably the healthiest way to eat, however when cooking your vegetables make sure you don’t overcook or you will lose a lot of the goodness they contain.

Steaming, microwaving and stir frying are the recommended ways to cook. You can season with herbs and garlic and use a little olive oil, but go easy as it is fattening if you use too much. The quantity of these vegetables you can eat is generally unlimited, unless otherwise stated.

You should try to have at least three cups of vegetables daily. As a general guide, your dinner plate should be about protein food (chicken, steak, fish) and vegetables.


Vegetarian Options

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, the principals of this diet are still the same. Simply substitute the Maxine’s BURN Shakes with our Vegan friendly Maxine’s PURE Protein and substitute the protein portions with vegetarian or vegan protein sources. Maxine’s PURE is a great option and contains high quality vegetable proteins including Yellow Pea Protein, Rice protein, plus ancient grains proteins and it is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and contains only all natural ingredients.


Healthy Snacks

We recommend you eat at least two snacks daily. If you get hungry in the evening after dinner, then you have the option of eating a further snack before bed.

There are a range of tasty foods you can choose for snacks. The general rule is to avoid foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates. You should also be careful with your intake of fatty foods. Most fruits are great snack choices, however all fruits contain some sugars so we recommend limiting yourself to 1 – 2 pieces per day.

Maxine’s also make some great guilt free snacks including our high protein BURN Bars and Cookies. One bar or cookie per day as one of your healthy snacks is an easy and convenient way to stay on track.

For your optional evening snack, as long as you have had a good day and stuck to your diet, you can reward yourself with 2 squares of Dark Chocolate. Look for chocolate with at least 70% Cocoa solids which is very high in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. 2 squares are only about 50 calories which is 210 kilojoules. Remember Chocolate is God’s way of saying he loves us!

Here are some other healthy snacks ideas:

  • Nuts – 20g (small handful).
  • Vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, capsicum, etc.) with 20g low carb dips like Hummus, Tzatziki, or cottage cheese.
  • ½ Small piece of allowable fruit and 6 almonds to slow digestion of fruit sugars.
  • ½ cup berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) with tablespoon of natural unsweetened yogurt.
  • ½ cup fruit salad and tablespoon of natural unsweetened yogurt.
  • Small tin of flavoured tuna.
  • Slice of tasty cheese, slice of tomato and olive, wrapped in a lettuce leaf or a slice of ham.
  • 1 Rice cake spread with peanut butter and cottage cheese.
  • Hardboiled egg.

There are lots of other alternatives. The general rule of thumb is to avoid foods that are mainly carbohydrate based like bread, biscuits, cake, rice and cereals. Also read the nutritional panels on food labels and look for foods that contain low levels of carbs and sugars.


Your Best Drink Choices


One of the biggest intakes of sugar in many diets comes from drinks containing high levels of sugars. Most people understand soft drinks like colas, lemonade, etc. contain lots of sugar, however many people don’t realize that supposedly healthy drinks like fruit juice, sports drinks and milk also contain high sugar levels.

The following drinks are fine to have during your 6 week program:

  • Water – plain, mineral, spring, drink at least 2 litres per day, more if you exercise.
  • Tea, with or without milk – use artificial sweetener, maximum 2 – 3 cups per day.
  • Coffee* with or without milk – use artificial sweetener, maximum 2- 3 cups per day. *Avoid latte’s and cappuccino’s as they are mostly milk.
  • Diet soft drinks (if you must) – maximum 1 per day.
  • Dry white or red wine – one glass 2 – 3 days per week.

What drinks should you avoid?

  • All soft drinks.
  • All juices and juice based drinks.
  • All sports drinks and ‘health drinks’.
  • Cordial (diet is ok, 1 glass per day).
  • All unflavored and flavored milk based drinks.
  • Beer and spirits.

In an ideal world we would like you to go through this entire 6 week program without drinking any of the non recommended drinks. However we understand that sometimes circumstances make it difficult to stay on the straight and narrow.

The simple rule of thumb is, the more of these you drink, the more you will slow or stall BURNing your fat. Try to avoid these types of drinks wherever possible. If you are out socializing occasionally, limit yourself to one or two drinks and drink plenty water, mineral water or soda water with a slice of lemon.


Sample 7 Day Diet

The following is a sample diet for one week of the 6 Weeks Shape-Up program. You can substitute some of the meals and snacks on this program with other meals and snacks listed on this website.


What to do if you slip up?

Most people who are dieting have the occasional splurge or binge. It may be a weekend of over indulging, a holiday when you let your hair down, a meal or snack where you just can’t say no, or a big night out.

The fact is that it’s not uncommon to eat and drink too much of the wrong thing. If you do this every now and then don’t worry too much. Simply tighten up your diet and go back to the principals in this program.

However if you make this a regular occurrence, perhaps every weekend, then you need to re-asses you priorities. Is eating, drinking and socialising more important to you than getting in shape and feeling great about yourself? It’s up to you to set your own priorities and act accordingly.

The thing to remember is – it’s never too late to restart. If it was only a day or a few days it will make little difference. If you have broken your diet and been eating badly for weeks, months or even years then you have a bigger challenge but you will get there if you make a determined effort. If you break your diet, don’t be too disappointed, simply start again. Each time to get back to the Program it becomes a little easier to follow as you are developing new eating habit and a new lifestyle for yourself.

The first thing you must do is accept it that you have broken your diet plan or have been eating too much or eating the wrong thing, then resolve to get back on track. Re-starting with a strong will to change will give you the best chance of succeeding. Set yourself obtainable goals, re-read this guide and get to it!

Steaming, microwaving and stir frying are the recommended ways to cook. You can season with herbs and garlic and use a little olive oil, but go easy as it is fattening if you use too much. The quantity of these vegetables you can eat is generally unlimited, unless otherwise stated.

You should try to have at least three cups of vegetables daily. As a general guide, your dinner plate should be about protein food (chicken, steak, fish) and vegetables.


Living With Others While Dieting

Many of us live with others, either in a family, a relationship or just sharing accommodation. In these situations it’s often more difficult to fit your healthy diet in around the eating habits of the rest of your co-habitants.

Here are some practical tips to help:

  • Explain the Maxine’s program to your family, partner or housemates. Once people know what you are trying to achieve and what sort of food you can and can’t eat, you will usually find everyone is quite supportive.
  • Any diet is often more successful if your partner, friend, relative etc. are eating in a similar way. You can support each other, bounce ideas off each other and in some cases cook for each other. So if your partner, friend, relative, etc., would like to also BURN some fat, introduce them to this program and start it together. It makes the whole process much easier if you can share the experience.
  • Try to fit your diet to what the rest of the household is eating – with appropriate modifications. For example, if you or a member of the household is cooking up a big pot of bolognaise sauce and pasta, pass on the pasta and instead use some stir fry vegetables (snow peas, diced carrots, shredded cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bean shoots), microwave and substitute these for pasta.
  • If the food being prepared for the rest of the household will not fit into your diet plans, have some easy to prepare fall-back menu choices. For example scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms are great standby and you can do a lot with an oven, a can of tuna, some vegetables, herbs and cheese.
  • Buy food specifically for your diet program, put it aside from other foods and explain to the household that it is for your special eating plan. Because most of the food you are allowed to eat on this diet is fresh, healthy and tasty, others may be tempted to sample your pantry.
  • Keep plenty of allowed snacks around. You should keep a selection of cheese, nuts, cold meats, fruit, sliced up vegies, and low carb dips in the fridge.

After you have been on the Maxine’s BURN program for some weeks or even months you will start to get a good understanding of foods that are relatively low in carbohydrates, foods that have moderate carbohydrates and foods that have high carbohydrate levels.


Summing Up

The Maxine’s 6 Week Shape-Up is great for anyone who wants to BURN fat and lose weight steadily. You should see excellent results if you simply stick to the program closely every day.

Soon you will find your family and friends will start noticing, asking you what you have be doing, telling you that you look great. One day soon you will realise that you have reached your Goal Weight and BURNed of your excess fat, toned up your body and you will be looking fantastic.

When you reach the end of this 6 week program it’s time to review and asses your results. If you have reached your goal, great. Now it’s time to look at continuing this new healthier you for life by following our Maintaining Your Weight Program. If you haven’t quite reached your goal, then the best way forward is to stay on this program until you do.


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