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Time to start your health journey

Time to start your health journey

At Maxine’s, our passion is helping women take control of their health and fitness and embrace a healthy lifestyle. We understand that getting in great shape and staying that way is more about adopting positive, life-long training and nutrition changes, rather than going on a fad-diet or joining a gym.

As a welcome to Team Maxine’s, we have put together an introductory guide to provide you with the tools you need to start shaping and toning your body.

This guide includes:

  • Nutrition advice, including a 4 week nutrition plan
  • 20-minute HITT circuit you can complete anywhere (no equipment required!)
  • 2 delicious recipes created by our very own nutritionist

Team Maxine’s is about so much more than getting your dream body. It is about creating an educated community of women who have the tools to reach their health and fitness goals for life.
We hope you enjoy this introduction to the world of Maxine’s.


Maxine's Official

Maxine's Official
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