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Berry & Banana Bruschetta

Berry & Banana Bruschetta

One of my new favourite foods this month, and something I’ve been eating everyday, is Cottage Cheese. Not only is it low in fat, it is also super high in protein, making it a good addition to your diet, or as replacement for sour cream, cream cheese, and even butter.

So, here’s a delicious recipe, using cottage cheese, that you can make for breakfast throughout the week. It’ll feel like a treat, but definitely something you should eat guilt free.


* 80g Low Fat Cottage Cheese

* 2 Sandwich Thins (or 2 slices bread)

* ½ Banana (sliced)

* ½ Cup Berries

* Handful Trail Mix

Simply toast the bread, and top with cottage cheese, sliced banana, berries and trail mix.

Depending on the bread you use, this meal can provide over 20g protein!


Georgia Sharples

Georgia Sharples
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