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Accidentally Vegan

Something we all fear about the initial transition from our standard diet to veganism is the thought of restriction, the extra effort or potentially missing out on the foods we love so much and simply can’t envision our lives without. What we don’t actually realize is that there’s a huge range of foods we already eat that we are totally unaware abstain from the use of animal products. Since they’re not marketed as vegan we don’t typically see them as vegan either. And let me tell you, whenever I tell someone their vegan they’re totally surprised. Here’s a few foods that are, “Accidentally vegan”



Yes, both Oreos, Chocolate Ripple and heaps of other store brought cookies are actually vegan. They’re soy based and include oils instead of butter. This is a very cost-effective method companies use in order to produce more treats for less money and effort. And also, a very effective craving satisfier for us vegans. And yes, a coconut cream chocolate ripple cake is possible.


Breakfast Time

This may not come as a surprise to the most of you that bread and cereals are vegan but what about baked goods? More specially, Hot Cross Buns and Coco Pops? Did you know that a lot of baker’s delight’s baked goods are vegan? Like the Boston buns, Iced pull-aparts, most of their scrolls (I’m a sucker for the walnut and coffee options), apple walnut log etc. You can find their extensive vegan line here. The variety of breakfast cereals from Kellogg’s we all know, and love are vegan too and go great with plant based milks. These include: Nutri-grain, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes etc. And again here is their list:


Snack Attack

Snackers rejoice! Most of your favorite chips, Doritos and Pringles are vegan too. So, you’ll never miss out when watching a movie or needing a dip dipper. Of course, there are exceptions like the cheesy and meaty flavors but be sure to double check that in the ingredients list.


Celebrate with some cake.

YES! You can have your cake and eat it too. Heaps of cake mixes are vegan especially from the greens brand. You just need to supply them with your own egg and butter replacement. So that means either nettles or oil and a homemade flax or chia egg (flax or chia soaked and expanded in water or plant-milk).


Your Grandma’s favorite.

Yes Apple Pies are a total favorite and the frozen lite variety by Nanas are vegan too. As well as their frozen chocolate churros! WHAT!? So, there’s no excuse to go without a sweet treat! And these sweets are delicious when oven baked and fresh from the oven.


“That means garlic bread, YES!”

They just use oil instead of butter, groundbreaking. Heaps of the mothers used as dairy slaves could be saved with this singular concept. Even Dominoes Pizzeria and Woolworths have this figured out. Most pasta is vegan itself, so some garlic bread can really complete the meal and offer some great comfort food.


There you go guys! Veganism is hard? Not at all, it’s totally easy. Don’t be scared to read the ingredients of products that don’t necessarily have “Vegan” written all across their packaging. You never know, your favorite snacks may be something you won’t have to go without.


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Alix Laidler
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