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5 ways to grow a lush Vegan Mane.

5 ways to grow a lush Vegan Mane.


We all want it, that beautiful, strong, long, lush hair that we remember from our childhood before we discovered hair product, hot irons and lost touch is taking care of these delicate strands. I’ll be the first one to raise my hand claiming just how much I’ve taken my hair for granted in the past. One thing about changing my lifestyle at the roots and becoming potato pro-active has given me unbreakable, shiny hair that can even sometimes be annoying, and it can also sometimes be annoying to maintain bi-monthly haircuts (never thought I’d ever day that). Here’s a few factors that helped my hair amplify and turn heads.


  1. Hair friendly foods

Your hair is essentially dead cells that will sprout out of your scalp. Now, to ensure you grow some healthy hair it’s a no-brianer that you should consider having some healthy soil. You can take some vitamin supplements, but pills never come anywhere close to the wonders whole foods can do for our hair health. B vitamins and biotin are super important here, you can get these from pretty much all fruits and veggies but they are really prominent in nuts, pumpkin seeds and avocado. Biotin basically encourages your hair to grow back strong and resilient. Make sure you’re eating these foods whole and unprocessed to get the richest supply of these nutrients.



  1. Sulphate free

Thank gosh sulphate free has become trendier in hair products now days because those sulphates can really dehydrate and break down our hair follicles. How it does this is by stripping the hair of all its natural oils and although squeaky clean hair feels light and fresh it’s impossible for it to maintain a nourished state if its sources of nourishments (natural oil) are chemically dissolved.


  1. Be Gentle

Our hair isn’t superman. It’s not invincible. It can only take so much before it breaks off, frazzles into nothing or has its shine dulled. You must get in the routine of promoting the gentile management of your hair. Make sure you’re combing your hair slowly and from the ends up with a wide tooth comb. Quickly brushing at your hair from top to bottom with any old brush will just pull your hair out, knot it and rip it off from the ends. All of which isn’t ideal if you want as much hair as possible, as much volume as possible and as much shine as possible. Also Heat tools are another culprit for drying out the hair, don’t get me wrong I Love a good blow wave, flat iron and large curling want but try and limit your use of these appliances and embrace the natural look. I used to hate my hair naturally but eventually once it adapts to no more heat it’ll chill out and become a lot more manageable and shiny.


  1. Oils and treatments

Our hairs love moisture and natural oils. These products strengthen your hair follicles and enable them to be soft and shiny. I love applying natural oils to the ends of my hair when its damp, or on the daily for a moisture boost. My other hair law is treatments/hair masks. I do them fortnightly to just revive my hair of the damage it accumulates over the weeks. They also replenish any dryness, and dullness too. Over time, these two little applications build up and I often have my hair stylist backing me up on this one and agreeing that it’s the main reason by my blonde hair is so healthy and strong.


  1. Don’t over-wash

The natural oils of our hair are our bodies way of giving it a protective shield. When we wash our hair, we take that shield away. Make sense? Look, I’m not saying never wash your hair again but maybe keeping it another day or two could be beneficial for you. Do you find that you wash your hair every day and it actually gets oily anyway? Don’t tap into that. Our scalp mass produces oil when we’re washing it more than it needs to out of over-compensation. Don’t worry, much like every other function in your body its adaptive, your hair will get used to less frequent washing and will repair itself in the process.


Take care of your locks ladies, these little implications work wonders when they’re being used all together consistently. Say goodbye to hair extensions, dull shine and hair loss.


Alix Laidler

Alix Laidler
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