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The Best Exercise… Is The One You Enjoy!

The Best Exercise… Is The One You Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m 32 and live in Melbourne. I’ve been active and into sports pretty much my entire life. I was very fortunate growing up to have parents who encouraged my brothers and I to be active and play sports. In school I played as many sports as I could possibly fit in, even ones I knew nothing about. I’m the kind of person who can never sit still for very long, and having a competitive personality meant I was keen to try anything and everything!

My main sport however has always been basketball. I started playing at the age of 10 and moved onto refereeing, which I now do at a State, National and International level. My dad was an 4 x Grand Final AFL Umpire so I guess you could say it’s in the blood! I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and have done 2 bodybuilding competitions, in the Sports Model and Figure categories. Challenging and pushing my body to this level has encouraged a desire to learn and expand my knowledge about health & nutrition, and how the body works.

My philosophy towards training and exercise is that it should be enjoyable. Yes, exercise is often going to hurt and be hard, but it should be something you still enjoy doing. If it isn’t, you are likely not going to stick with it, and will start to find more and more excuses not to do it.

For example, you might not enjoy running but think you need to do it because it’s the best or only way to drop those 5kgs you want to shed. So you hit the treadmill or the pavement and curse every minute of it, and struggle to push yourself to do it again. Yes, running can aid fat loss but so can many other forms of cardiovascular exercise – cycling, swimming, rowing, cross-trainer, hiking, stair climbing, walking, group fitness classes etc. So why stick with one you really cant stand? Try them all and you might find something different that you unexpectedly like!

Not only do I strongly encourage trying different exercises and styles of training to see what you do enjoy, but perhaps more importantly to find what WORKS for YOU. We are all built differently so what works for your friend, colleague or sister might not work for you. Don’t be so quick to judge an exercise or training style either positively or negatively. Instead, be open-minded and experiment with your training!

Over the course of these blogs, I hope to provide some ideas and inspiration that you might find useful for your own training. I never preach that my way is the only or the best way – they are simply tried methods that I have enjoyed, and hope some others might too. Most importantly, remember to always have fun with your workouts!

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