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Challenge Tips and Tricks

Challenge Tips and Tricks

Have you ever completed some kind of challenge, activity… or really anything and just thought, well if I had’ve known ‘that’ it would have been SO much easier? I’ve completed the Maxine’s 12 Week Challenge so I’m here to give you a bit of a cheat sheet, to help you through the challenge! Here’s my top tips and tricks for getting you to the end:

1. Organise Your Meals

As you probably guessed, my absolute top tip is to be prepared and organised in all elements of this challenge. If you enter the challenge without truly mapping out how you’re going to go about your food and exercise, then you’re already behind the 8 ball.

Simple Tricks:

You’ve already got your meals planned out for you, so go ahead and start getting them prepared. I always have a massive container of salad made up in the fridge for lunches and dinners, with mini dressing tubs ready to go. Oats can be already measured out and put into containers. Buy meats in bulk if possible, weigh them out into portions and freeze/or put it into separate containers in the fridge. Protein powder can be put into a shaker bottle ready to go!


2. Train Your Butt Off

It’s so important that you try to put 100% into every training session. There’s nothing worse than finishing the challenge feeling like you could have tried harder. Whether you’re Toning Up or Getting Strong, the programs will help you to achieve incredible results if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Simple Tricks:

Get yourself a workout planner, you can get them from all sorts of stores Kmart, Cotton On, Kiki K. Sit down, and actually write out the workouts you plan on doing for the week. On top of that, get out your diary and again, write in the workouts you’ll be doing each day and treat them like appointments. These are non-negotiable. If you had a doctors appointment, would you cancel to go have coffee? No. Treat these workouts in exactly the same way.
Get yourself a really good workout playlist, I know myself that music can either make or break a session. You’d be surprised what a difference some killer beats can make!



3. Ask Questions

The community of people completing the Maxine’s Challenge is incredible. There are hundreds of women, all in the same situation, with the same goal. On top of that, you have access to some of the most generous and knowledgeable coaches, giving up their time to answer questions and give advice.

Simple Tricks:

Take advantage of the forum, you have access to so much information so why not use it to your advantage! Never be afraid to post on the forum, no matter how silly you may think the question is. Why? Because I am 99.99% certain, there will be someone out there scrolling through the forum who will also be wanting to know the answer to that same question! It’s there for you, so use it!

4. Be Prepared for Failure

Not that I want to bring down any of those positive vibes, but I want to be as real as possible with you all! Throughout the challenge, you will have slip ups, and I want you to know IT’S OK. These challenges aren’t meant to go for 12 weeks and that’s the end of it. They’re designed to help you make a complete lifestyle change, a few minor hiccups along the way will not effect the rest of your life.

Simple Tricks:

So you just couldn’t be bothered training. Maybe you were craving chocolate so bad and next minute half the blocks down. Firstly what I want you to do is accept that it happened and take ownership. Then, I want you to think about why it happened. Are you feeling unmotivated to train? Maybe you could try training with a friend, make a new music playlist, have a competition with your partner and every time you train they have to put $1 in a jar. If you’re not enjoying your exercise it’s not likely that you’re pushing yourself, or using the time effectively. As for food cravings, try to find healthy alternatives! If chocolates your thing (it’s definitely one of my weaknesses) then Maxine’s Burn Bars will be an absolute saviour.



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