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The Arm Toning Workout

The Arm Toning Workout.

The best way to tone your Arms is to complete a weight based workout targeting the Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders.

Increasing your Lean Muscle will speed up your Metabolism which will result in more efficient fat burning!

A set of light Dumbells (DB) and a Bench, fit ball or chair to sit on is all you need to get started.

Complete 2-3 Rounds of the following exercises.


  1. Standing DB Bicep Curls. X 10 each Arm  Girls showing a 1 arm dumbell bicep curl
  2. Standing Overhead DB Triceps Extension X10  girl stnding with dumbell completing triceps extension
  3. Side DB Lateral Raises X10  girl standing doing a side dumbell raise
  4. Triceps Kick Back X 10 each arm  Girl doing a triceps kick back with dumbells
  5. DB Front Deltoid Raises X 10 each Arm  Girl doing a front deltoid raise


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