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Loose the Skin After Losing the Weight

Losing a significant amount of weight is no easy feat. It’s a true testament to one’s drive, pas...

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The 2 Simple Steps To Change Your Eating Habits

  To successfully lose weight, it is important to implement lifestyle changes such as increa...

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5 Secret Benefits of Water – The Science of Hydration

Our bodies are thought to be around 60% water, which is why it is commonly advised that we drink eig...

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Ageless advice

I am a huge lover of skincare and always on the hunt to find ways I can look more naturally beautifu...

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The Best Green Smoothie!

🌴 Merri’s Creamy Green smoothie 💚 I think that might have found my new favou...

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Mini Frittata

These mini frittatas are a great option for a mid morning/afternoon snack. My snacks are usually swe...

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The 30 minute Fit Ball workout

Do you have a fit ball sitting at home or in the corner of your Gym? The fit ball or Swiss ball is...

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BURN Caps to BURN Fat!

As much as we wish there was, when it comes to fat loss there is no magic pill or fat burner that ca...

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New Maxine’s Protein Formula

The New & Improved Maxine’s BURN and NIGHT Since its release in 2011 Maxine's has grown to be...

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