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Shiella Frederica

It is a pleasure to become the ambassador and have the chance to take part in a top sport supplement brand in Australia. It is also a pleasure to introduce their quality and benefit in Indonesia.

About Shiella

Shiella Frederica

Shiella's Story

“As a kid I didn’t have a very good immune system. I fell sick almost every week. There were many reasons why that happened, but I realized one thing I could do to increase my immunity was playing sport.

“In mid-2015 I started going to the gym. I fell in love with how working out not only made my immune system better, like playing sport, but also how it toned my body and made me strong. I was working out 4 to 5 days a week and I learned about a healthy lifestyle and how a good diet could help me complete my workout routine and reach my targets. I want to set my goal higher by competing at bikini events. I started with a local event and my dream is to compete at an international event."

Shiella Frederica

Shiella's Highlights

  • “At first I was working out to improve my immune system, but after almost 2 years I can see the results are much more. I am healthy and also my body shape is much better than when I first started. The gym has changed my mindset and health, and it has become a part of my life.
  • “I love the idea that women are equal to men, and what men can get women also have the same right.”

Shiella's Favorite Recipes

Peanut Butter Chunk Protein Icecream

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Protein Oats Recipe

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Summer Açaí Bowl

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Shiella's Training Plan

Shiella's Training Schedule
Monday: Cardio and Abs
Tuesday: Back Workout
Wednesday: Cardio and Abs
Thursday: Leg Workout
Friday: Shoulder and Chest Workout
Saturday: Arms and Abs Workout
Sunday: Rest day

Shiella's Favorites


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